One year after moving, I have a desk!

Life is crazy busy.  All of the time.  We moved 14 months ago, and for the first few months, we diligently filled our new home with furniture, increased home security, made repairs, replaced broken appliances, painted, unpacked etc etc.

But most of those things were driven by me.  We shopped for things we needed together, but I painted the walls.  I assembled the furniture. I sourced and ordered our dining table, sideboards, dishwasher etc.  I unpacked and tried to organize, well, everything.

Our living room after I painted it.  It used to be a really dark charcoal gray, and I switched it to a soft, cool gray.  It was really time consuming because it required multiple coats of primer then paint to get rid of the charcoal color.

Months later, I had run out of steam.  I reached the WHATEVER! phase and took a much needed and well-deserved break from house related things.  Then I got sicker, and I sprained my ankle, and just became overall useless for anything physical.  If you peek into our garage, there are still several unpacked boxes.  We have a bedroom in the basement full of more unpacked boxes.  A few rooms are still needing new paint, and we still need to buy furniture for our home office and our boys’ bedrooms.

The frames of the Ikea storage unit I assembled when we first moved in.

So even though it’s a tiny step, I bought a desk!  It was a Jysk desk that was on sale, so nothing super fancy.  In my house, I assemble all of the furniture.   No joke.  All of it.  Why?  Because although I have a big fear of any power tool other than a drill, I have patience.

More than eight hours of work. Our Ikea unit for our home office.

I will sort through all of those stupid plastic bags of hardware.  I will look at those horrible graphics that kind of give you some kind of idea of what you’re supposed to put together.  I will inevitably make some mistake in my interpretation of the horrible instructions and diligently take apart what I’ve done in order to reassemble it correctly.  And I will do all of this in the presence of three screaming children, the younger of whom will be crawling all over the pieces that I need to assemble.

My husband’s version of that scenario is similar to the Simpsons’ episode where Homer tries to assemble a barbecue pit and freaks out. So years ago we both agreed that I will assemble the furniture, and I’ve done it ever since.

My kids are always in the midst of whatever I’m doing

Having never bought anything from Jysk, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got in the package.  For one thing, the top was already assembled with the drawer.  One thing I loathe about assembling Ikea furniture is the freaking drawers!  Those annoying flimsy drawer sides and the tiny screws and dowels and making sure every metal piece is facing the right way to the drawer functions properly…they drive me insane! So when I saw that all I had to put together were the legs, I thought..Score!

Done assembling the legs. Note the nicely smashed styrofoam that took forever to clean up. For some reason, kids love to smash styrofoam

It only took me about half an hour, compared to our storage piece from Ikea.  That sucker took me over 8 hours (of course with breaks in between for lying down, eating, bathroom breaks, and general beating of my head against the wall).

So now that I have a lovely little desk, I feel like I’m gaining some momentum back to do some other things around the house.  Like finally getting rid of extra crap from the garage and basement, painting the boys’ rooms, and getting a couple of guinea pigs!

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