Halloween 2017 Recap

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been crazy busy with Halloween, birthdays, and Hawaii preparation.  So I’m going to get the Halloween stuff all out in one post.

I’m not one of those people that goes all out on Halloween.  We are pretty much reserved to pumpkin carving, costumes, and trick or treating.  I’m always amazed by the houses we visit that are fully decorated with howling animatronic ghouls, jumping spiders, bones, webs, zombie dummies, flashing lights and spooky music.  Seriously, that takes serious time, financial investment and effort.  My husband kept asking the homeowners about where they stored it all after Halloween.

This year instead of visiting the pumpkin patch, we grew our own pumpkins.  We were able to get three, but they saw some damage during a massive hailstorm in our area.  Since I’m not a gardener, I was kind of surprised that they kind of got scarred and looked a bit diseased afterwards.  They had little grayish brown pock marks all over, but the kids were happy because the pumpkins looked creepier as a result.

The biggest pumpkin weighed in at 30 pounds, as big as my four year old.  The guts alone made a huge pile on my counter.   My teenager claimed it as his own and carved his interpretation of Pennywise.  My middle child of course got the mid-sized pumpkin and made a two-faced jack o’lantern, with another Pennywise (a popular theme in our house) and a happy face right next to him.  I had to carve my baby girl’s pumpkin with a happy little face with a stem nose, since that pumpkin grew on its side and no matter how we turned it, it would never grow right side up.


In order to feel like the lives of the pumpkins weren’t going to waste as only Halloween decor, I scooped out some of the pumpkin (without seeds or fibers) and roasted it.  I turned it into a puree and then made my hubby’s favorite: pumpkin scones.  I separated some of the seeds from the fibers and roasted them, but unfortunately since I was trying to do too many things at once, I burned the seeds.  Mommy fail.

But the pumpkin scones were a big hit!  I found a copycat Starbucks recipe and while they weren’t pretty, they tasted pretty good.

Then I had to prepare my Moana.  My little girl has long wavy black hair, but Moana has really curly hair.  The challenge is to figure out how to curl a wiggly preschooler’s hair without going bonkers yourself.  My solution was rag curls.  I ripped up a pair of old pajamas, since my son always rips them at the knees for some reason.  I washed her hair and put mousse in it, then wrapped it around the rags while it was still damp.  She slept in them overnight and the next day she had curly hair. It wasn’t as thick as Moana’s, but definitely better than those stringy wigs we were seeing floating around. And it doesn’t really show too well on this photo next to the black robe.


My boys are pretty self sufficient when it comes to costumes.  Usually they don’t like anything with makeup or wigs etc.  My teenager was a spooky dude with red eyes. I have no idea what his costume is actually called. My younger son was a werewolf, along with three other boys in his class.

We were blessed to have a dry night for trick or treating.  Most Halloweens in this area involve at least a bit of rain, but the daytime was a gorgeous sunny day, leaving a perfect fall evening for the kids.

It’s funny how my preschooler will want to be carried after walking for a couple of minutes in the mall, but put the idea of free candy in front of her, and she ran around for 1.5 hours straight.  And this was no simple feat, because our neighborhood is on a mountain, so there were tons of stairs, hills, and long driveways to navigate.  She lasted longer than her older brother, who wanted to go to bed by 7:45pm.


After admiring all of the candy they couldn’t yet eat, because we haven’t inspected it yet, the kids finally went to bed, putting another Halloween down in the books.  Until next spring, when we start our new pumpkin patch!

Now on to finishing up plans for Hawaii!

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