The Eternal Struggle – Laundry Day

When you have three kids and struggle with chronic fatigue and arthritis, laundry day just plain sucks. You would not believe the amount of Tide we go through.  And since I’ve become allergic to dryer sheets (yes, even unscented ones) we started using Downy Unstoppables, which my husband now insists on since the boys’ room always seem to have the faint scent of drool and sweat.

It starts off like this:

The bins are so full that they have collapsed and become an amorphous mass of stinky fabric


Hours later, I’m left with what I affectionately refer to as “Clothes Mountain.” The massive mound of freshly laundered clothes that represent hours of tedious work to complete. I need a moment to process….

Okay…Let’s get in there!  30 minutes have elapsed and mound of laundry slowly becomes piles of folded clothing.  The baskets of washed clothes slowly become emptier.


And emptier…


By now I’m exhausted.  I need a little break.  Nothing feels more right than just lying on the floor staring at the ceiling while surrounded by clean laundry.

This images is as dark as my soul at the moment.

As I get near the end, I throw the socks and underwear into one basket.  All the shirts, towels, sheets, pants, dresses etc. are nicely folded or set aside to be put on hangers.  The socks and underwear pile grows ever larger.  Over an hour has already passed.



I’m finally done everything except the basket of socks and underwear. The socks and underwear will probably take another hour to sort through with all the variables of black and white socks that need to be properly paired.  I reward myself with another break.

After my break I’m still not rested, because chronic fatigue never actually makes you feel energetic.  So I say “Screw it!”  to the socks and underwear for this week and make everyone dig through the pile every morning like animals to find their things.

It feels good to be done.

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