Back to School Shopping!

With three kids living in a place with a really high cost of living, shopping for the kids gets expensive! This is also the first school year that the kids won’t be using school uniforms, so on top of supplies, I need to buy a ton of clothes too. 

Being exhausted all the time with chronic illness, I am a huge fan of online shopping. If you shop online you can compare prices from home in your pajamas instead of running from store to store. If I use my tablet, I can even shop lying down on my sofa and have a quick nap in between websites!

My favorite trick is to stack discounts. I live in British Columbia, Canada, but you can probably do the same tricks in your area with a bit of research. For buying clothing,  I occasionally find Old Navy gift cards on sale at London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart. Check the flyers regularly or follow Red Flag Deals to find out when they go on sale. I bought a ton of them for 20 percent off.  You can use them at Old Navy, the Gap, or Banana Republic, both in store and online.  

Once I have the gift cards, I wait until the online stores have a big sale. You can subscribe to the sites so you won’t miss out. Sometimes you can get an extra 35 to 40 percent off of sale items! 

I bought a ton of stuff for my kids and also earned Old Navy supercash which I intend to use when it’s valid with the discounted gift cards I have left. Below is just the first shopping “trip.”

These items were already on sale, plus an extra 40 percent off. Keep in mind that I used discounted gift cards to pay, so that’s an additional 20 percent off, and also earned 2 percent back in Ebates!

Before you checkout though, make sure you access the online store through a website like if you are in the U.S., you can use this link for (Full disclosure: I do benefit if you use my referral links.)  You can earn a few percentage points in cash back. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up over time. The Ebates money in your account can be deposited into a PayPal account, paid out in  Amazon gift cards or you can have good old fashioned cheques sent to your house. Sometimes Ebates will also have double or triple cash back. I joined last year and have already earned over 200 dollars in cash back. If you’re visiting any of their stores anyway, you might as well use the Ebates site to get a few extra dollars.

Most of the other supplies I found at the local Walmart. I checked the prices of what I need at Amazon and Costco first and found Walmart to have the best prices for what I needed and the quantities I needed.  If you do buy from Amazon, you can also earned cash back from Ebates

So for my three kids, I spent maybe a couple of hundred bucks for their new clothes and school supplies. Not bad considering how much I had to buy!

I’ll continue to share some of money saving tricks in the future as they come up!

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