Airport Loitering

As has been my summer custom this year, after my physiotherapy appointment, I like to take my boys out for a jaunt. I’ve been floating the idea of a trip to the airport, but my oldest never wanted to go. Twelve-year-olds are apparently too cool for hanging out at the airport for no apparent reason. This week, however, he was hanging out at a friend’s house, so Boy #2 got his wish granted. The two of us highly uncool nerds took off to the airport!

 Waiting for the train to begin our journey.

Here in Vancouver we have one of the top rated airports around. It has lots of shops, dining, and art work and also a nice observation area to learn about the airport and watch the planes land.

 Miniature model of the airport

When we got off the train we had no idea where to go, so we just followed the people who looked like they knew where they were going and ended up finding the food court and observation deck. After scarfing down some chicken strips and fries, we went up to the observation area to check out the planes.

 Trying to peep in at the pilots on the plane. He was able to see a few, but didn’t catch any picking their noses.

We checked out a few shops and Boy #2 picked out a Lego knock off airplane as his treat for tolerating me for the day.

 Compatible with other building blocks!

We had to run and meet hubby afterwards to head home, but I wish we had more time to explore. When you’re actually traveling with three chuckleheads, there’s never any time to just chill and watch the planes take off and land. You feel more like a herd of sweaty, stinky cattle being prodded though security, customs, and on and off the plane. You’re so focused on where you’re going, you don’t look at where you are.

Next time I’ll try to carve out more time to check out the international terminal. If only I could figure out a way to get past security….

 Doing the quiz over and over again until he got everything correct

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