A Day off from Work is not Really a Day off

Because of my condition and my myriad of repetitive stress injuries from working as a sonographer, and I guess wanting to spend time with my three chuckleheads, I only work part time.  But days off from my workplace are never days off from work.   It’s when I do laundry, schedule my medical appointments, take my kids to their activities and catch up on errands.

Today I have a day off from my workplace, but I’m still fighting a viral infection that I’ve been dealing with for 3 weeks, so my energy is extra low and my throat is swollen and inflamed, causing me to cough uncontrollably. In addition, I’ve got a migraine, so my head feels like it’s being squeezed like a juiced lemon.

I woke up at 5am anyway, because my body doesn’t believe in sleeping in (which really sucks). Before the kids wake up, I catch up on emails. There are a ton of them from schools and activities leaders that I have kind of glossed over since I’ve been running on empty all week. So far nothing important missed. Nice!

If you didn’t know, this school year is the year from hell. My kids are in three different schools. They also are in various in-school and after school activities. This means three different pick ups and drop offs, three different schedules, three different school email lists, and numerous other emails related to all of their activities. 

It definitely takes some organization to keep everything straight (we have multiple Google calendars that are all linked together), but the days when I’m fighting illness are the hardest to manage. 

All I want to do is  crawl into bed just to rest and recover, but instead my preschooler is staring at me while I’m on the toilet and my eight year old is chattering incessantly about having a YouTube channel set up for him and my middle schooler is being lazy again so I have to bark at him to fill out his forms for school. 

What my coffee table looks like when I’m feeling too crappy to care.

My preschooler also has the day off today (my brilliant idea was to spend time with her before she starts elementary school next year), so after the boys are in school, I get to hear her beg to watch Paw Patrol for the bazillionth time, demand food every five minutes (she’s always hungry!) and whine about pretty much everything.  I really just wish I had time to lay down with my migraine and chill.

On better days, I would take her to the neighborhood park, run errands, go for a walk with her, but today is not a good day. My body is angry from brain to bowel and life doesn’t give you sick days.

Earlier this year, when I could get my butt off the couch, before my health spiralled downward.

So I have to get the household things done that I’ve been putting off, entertain my four year old who is already bouncing off the walls, pick up the boys from school, get dinner ready and then get everything ready for work and school tomorrow.

It’s only 9:30am. Pray for me.

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